As a visitor of, your privacy is very important to me. I will never sell your information to third parties.

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I do not offer a subscription at this time.

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Site visit and traffic information is collected to assist me in providing content and services that are of use and interest. The information collected about your visit(s) may include: your IP address, ISP or service provider, browser, operating system, screen resolution, location (city, state or province, and country), and date and time. This information is collected via

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Third-Party Ads
I do not use third-party ads.

Sensitive Information
I do not collect any sensitive information about visitors. Only names and email addresses are collected when the “Work with Me” contact form is used. This information is sent via private email (i.e. not viewable in a public forum).

Financial Transactions
I do not currently offer any products or services for purchase and does not collect or store any financial information.

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This website ( may contain links to other sites over which I/we have no control. Please consult the individual privacy policies for those sites for information on how data is used within their domains.

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